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If you are looking to contact Poweroid.com, please visit their site and use the contact details provided there.

This site is an information site created by employees of Poweroid. It's a labour of love and it doesn't sell any products. If you have any matter you wish to discuss with us please use the following contact details:


Within UK: 0870 22 00 999. Outside UK: +44 870 22 00 999
Note: Do NOT call this number for advice on video editing or video editing products. Call this number only if you are an advertiser and wish to pay for advertising on this site. 

Postal Address: 

Poweroid-Video-Editing, 7A Eldon Way, Hockley, Essex, SS5 4AD


We are sick to death of junk mail so we are not disclosing any email addresses on this page except in the form of an image. So if you're a person reading this you'll figure out how to email us. If you are a clever program or spider, you may not :-)

To get in touch please type this address into your email, exactly as is:
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We have a strict policy on privacy. If you give us your email address for any reason we won't send you any mail unless you ask for it. When we do have a newsletter it will be opt-in rather than opt-out i.e. the default is that you won't get it unless you specifically ask for it.

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We do not take any personal details like credit card numbers. Please do not email us any such details. Some data is tracked i.e. the route you take through this site, the length of time you spend on each page etc but this is something that is done on EVERY website out there. The stats are maintained on the server and is not individual specific i.e. we know that A USER came to the index page and saw three other pages. We do not know that the individual was you.

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